Bachelor Thesis

At the Chair of Information Systems II bachelor students of Information Management as well as Economics and Business Administration may write their Bachelor Theses.

Bachelor Information Systems

Contrary to other chairs at the Area IS, we do systems related research, hence, we built software systems. Therefore, programming is a must for Business Informatics students. Preferred programming languages are Java and C/C++. MMM students may implement however they are not obliged to do so. Furthermore, we recommend to have visited at least on lecture of the chair or the seminar.

In case of questions, please contact Opens window for sending emailMartin Breitbach.


Taking up the issues of the chairs fields of research, all theses are assigned by the assistants of the chair. Currently, our staff is working on the following topics:

Kindly contact the researcher in charge of the research field you are interested in. Please add a current CV and transcript of records. In a then following meeting you may work out the topic of your thesis.

Please avoid to write various research assistants at the same time without notifying them. If several topic areas are relevant for you, either contact all relevant persons in one email simultaneously (using the CC function) or write the contact person indicated below. This helps to reduce overhead. 

Should you have general questions, please contact Opens window for sending emailMartin Breitbach.


Here you can find the guidelines for the Bachelor Thesis.


A template in Word and Latex format can be found here.



Bachelor Business Administration

Bachelor theses for students of Business Administration are assigned via a central procedure. For any questions regarding the procedure, please have a look at the faculty website. For questions concerning the topics of the theses contact Christian Krupitzer.

For the creation of the thesis the template and guidelines (with the exception of the finding of topics section) offered by the chair can be used.

Bachelor theses of students of Business Administration in prior years:

  • State of Research and Categorization for Head-mounted Displays
  • A Classification of Scenarios for Self-adaptive Systems
  • Pervasive System Support in Elderly Care
  • Smart Contracts powered by Blockchain technology
  • Legal framework for electromobility in the EU 
  • Overview on Obstacles in Autonomous Driving
  • Use Cases for Interaction Patterns in Self-Adaptive Systems
  • An Introduction into Cognitive Computing
  • Opportunities in Opportunistic Computing
  • Proactive Context-awareness in Pervasive Systems
  • Billing Mechanisms for Public Displays
  • State of the Art in Cryptocurrencies
  • Computation Intensive Applications in Finance 
  • IT-based Resource Planning and Workflow Assistance in Healthcare
  • TOSCA – Enabling Portability of Cloud Services
  • Smart Logistics - are we there yet?

The kick-off session for Bachelor BWL students who will write their Bachelor thesis at our chair in FSS 2018 will be on Monday, April 16th, 13:00-15:00 at L15, 1-6, 7th floor, room 714/715.

This year's topics (updated final version) can be found Initiates file downloadhere.

Bachelor Economics

Students of Economics please refer to the Area of Economics.