Wirtschaftsinformatik IV

Lecturer Prof. Dr. C. Becker
Exercises M.Sc. Wirtsch.-Inf. Jens Naber
Tutorials Responsible for coordination: M.Sc. Wirtsch.-Inf. Jens Naber
Type 2L+1E+1T
ID-number IS 204 (former IS 303 - Wirtschaftsinformatik II)
Prerequisites Praktische Informatik I
Course Language German
Form of assessment Written (90 min)
Applicable for B.Sc. Business Informatics
Start 14.02.2018 (Exercise 21.02.2018)
End 30.05.2018 (Exercise 30.05.2018)

Learning Outcomes

Introduction into distributed systems: networks, protocols, parallel programming, data representation and security.

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