Technical Fundamentals of Information Systems

Lecturer Prof. Dr. C. Becker
Coordination M.Sc. Wirtsch.-Inf. Christian Krupitzer
Type 2L
ID-number IS 451
Prerequisites -
Course Language English
Form of assessment Written (45 min)
Applicable for B.Sc. Business Administration - Elective
Start 13.02.2018
End 29.05.2018


This lecture teaches technical basics of information systems and addresses students that want to gain technical knowledge of information systems for IT-related jobs or Master studies. The lecture covers basic principles of a computer’s operations and programming, and gives an introduction to standard algorithms, data structures, and networking. Based on IS 301, the lecture further introduces into software engineering. Topics of the lecture are:

  • Basics of digital computers
    • Binary system, data representation
    • Information processing, programming
  • Basics of algorithms
  • Typical problems of information processing
    • Algorithms for searching and sorting of information
    • Data structures, e.g., arrays, trees, lists, hashing, graphs
    • Complexity estimation
  • Distributed systems and computer networks
  • Software engineering: basics and interfaces to the departments
    • Development processes
    • Requirements analysis


Learning Outcomes

Participants of the lecture acquire skills in:

  • basic concepts of computers,
  • basic knowledge of algorithms,
  • basic algorithms for searching, sorting and data structures,
  • computer networks and distributed systems and
  • the procedure of software engineering.